Remote IT SupportSmall and medium sized businesses requiring tech support needn’t set up their own IT departments, because outsourcing IT support is much more affordable. But are you aware that you can save even more by employing a tech support company capable of providing remote tech support? GCPC shows you how.

Remote tech support has been around for decades, but even in the digital age it is vastly underutilized and used mostly by the world’s largest tech companies. There will always be a need for on-site tech support, but the number of issues that can be solved remotely is greatly underestimated. Technicians will still be needed to come on-site to complete jobs such as hardware installations and network cabling. Remote support is getting more sophisticated and should be taken advantage of, as it saves both time and money for business owners and has also proven to be customer friendly as well.

Remote Support Lower costs

Remote tech support eliminates the need for a computer tech to make the trip to and from your business location. That alone will save you money. That’s great news, but there are even more benefits of remote tech support.

Faster Response Time

With remote tech support, there is no waiting for a trained technician to become available and travel to your business location. Of course, this means less computer down time for you, which also saves your business money.


You must grant the remote tech access to your computer. Once the troubleshooting session is over, the tech can’t re-access your system without you granting permission once again.

Get remote tech support anywhere

On a business trip out of town? Working from home instead of at the office? As long as you have internet access, your tech company can remotely access your laptop, no matter where you are.

Almost any software-related malfunction can be addressed

More than 90 percent of personal computer problems are related to software, which is exactly the type of problem remote tech support can address.

Have problems with your computer or network and need help fast? Call GCPC for fast and convenient remote support.