new orleans virus removalWith Our Worry-Free Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance plan your business computers are covered should they every catch a virus.  Even the best antivirus can’t prevent all malware. You can rest assured that as soon as any sign of a malware problem pops up, we will know about it and be alerted to the problem usually before you are aware of the threat.


Don’t Let Malware Cause You Problems

Surfing the web and caught a virus? Or maybe it was that email? Hackers are always coming out with new virus’s and malware to infect your PC. We can always combat these hackers with our in depth system cleaning. Fake antivirus and optimizer programs are one of the biggest malware threats out there.

It doesn’t matter how you got it, we can get it off your computer in no time at all! There are more than 1,000,000 kinds of viruses, ranging from the “funny” ones that hide your data to the “scary” ones that send your data and information to the hackers themselves. And the worst part is, the harder you try to get rid of them, the deeper they get.  The best thing to do when you have a virus is bring it in immediately. The sooner we get it, the less information you could be losing.

If you have our Worry-Free IT Plan protecting your computers & servers, there’s no need to stress.  We will know and fix any and all viruses that pop up without any intervention on your part.  It’s all covered under our plan.  No additional cost to you or your business.

We offer a great virus removal service!

  • Whether you are infected with a virus, trojan or rootkit we can rid you of that infestation, getting your computer up and running at its full potential free from harm.
  • We use very extensive software to scan for any and all viruses
  • We will terminate any viruses we find to the fullest extent

What is Our Virus Removal Process?

  • Expert & Thorough Malware Detection
  • Software Clean Up
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Antivirus Installation / Update
  • Free Hardware Diagnostic Upon Request

New Orleans virus removal is included in every monitor & maintenance plan we offer.  With our protection you can sleep soundly knowing we are protecting your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.