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Thank You for Your Referrals!

We understand that your referrals are one of the greatest forms of flattery. If you know a business owner who is gcpc loves referralshaving worries about their IT needs, please have them give us a call.

We will pay you $25 for anyone that you refer to us that we get an appointment with. When your referral becomes a client (and has spent $1,000 or more), then we will pay you an additional $50, and give your referral a $100 friend discount.

So you’re wondering, what makes a good referral for Networking Solutions?

Any business owner who has 10-100 PCs and needs help with their network, data backup, and security and wants “peace of mind” knowing we have their back 24/7. Or maybe they just need a good no obligation second option about their technology game plan.


Here’s How it Works:

  • We will call to schedule an appointment.
  • We will send you a check for $25.
  • If your friend becomes a client we will send you a check for $50.
  • We will also give your friend a $100 discount off our services.

Call us at 985-288-2669 or fill out the form below to help your friend.

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